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A highly skilled workforce with years of engineering, customer service and craftsman experience gives Sedia the competitive edge when it comes to manufacturing sewn and upholstered products.

Our facility is well-equipped with the latest technology and expertise to meet our customer's requirements, while providing on-time delivery and superior quality at competitive pricing.

Sedia, Inc.'s manufactured products utilize a variety of materials including fabric, vinyl, canvas/muslin, leather, polyurethane foam, neoprene foam, and specialty items such as grommets and pleating.


CNC Cutting System

  • Automated fabric cutting

  • Digitize, easyloader, spreading machine, roll feeding devices

  • Easy load, offload and unload

  • Customize automated textile cutter

  • Accurate precision

  • High productivity

  • Reliability

  • Low power consumption

  • Little maintenance over a long working period

  • Minimization of waste

CNC Automatic Sewing Machine

  • Suitable for thick material

  • Accurate sewing

  • Open pneumatic clamping system, driven by air cylinders

  • Ensure sewing on thick and heavy material goes smoothly

  • Equipped with triple size rotary hook, suitable for thicker thread sewing