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Welcome to Sedia, Inc.

Our company began operation in the early 1980's under previous ownership. Its focus had primarily been the manufacturing of seating soft goods (sewn and upholstered products) for rail, mass transit and aviation customers. In late 2002, the company was purchased by the current owner and began operating as Sedia Incorporated.

Under new ownership, the company began its renaissance period. The primary focus was centered in implementing an approach based on Quality Management System (QMS), with the aim of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. By utilizing a process approach to management, the organization identifies, understands and manages interrelated processes to increase effectiveness and efficiency in order to achieve its objectives.

With the successful implementation of our Quality Management System, the company has gained new market share and continues to invest in employing the latest state of the art technology while strategically developing partnerships to streamline its operations.

To meet the increased demands, in October of 2004, Sedia relocated to a larger facility in Glendale, Wisconsin.



Sedia, Inc.'s vision is to provide quality seating components through management leadership and involvement of all partners in order to exceed the needs and wants of our customers.

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It is our mission to promote quality principals that provide a framework for establishing specific goals, quality objectives and directions for continual improvement efforts.

These principles include:

Customer focus
Involvement of people
Continual improvement
System approach to management
Mutually beneficial partnership relationships

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